On November 22, 1966, Mayor Douglas McCheese was campaigning for re-election as Mayor of McDonaldland, when he was shot by a sniper's bullet. He was with his wife, Jackie McCheese, and the Governor of McDonaldland, "Captain" Crook Conally. He was first shot in his neck, and as he slumped over he was shot in his skull, dying instantly. McCheese's death has speculated many conspiracy theories over the years.

Events leading up to the assassination Edit

Mayor McCheese was campaigning for re-election in McDonaldland on a sunny day in November, riding in an open-corvette, the last time the mayor has ever done so. He was waving to the crowd, and smiling. He was riding with his wife, Jackie, and Governor Crook. Then, tragedy struck.

The Assassination Edit

McCheese was shot by Lee Harvey Big Mac, a police officer in the MLPD. He was first shot in the back of his neck, which traveled through his neck and into the lower back of Crook Conally. Then, as he slumped over, he was shot in the head. His head exploded, and his lifeless body fell over, slamming the door of his car violently. The remains of his head dripped over the car door and slid down it, hitting the pavement below with a wet thud. His wife Jackie, in a fit of madness and shock began eating his skull fragments. It was a disturbing display of ultra-violence.

The Assassin Edit

McDonaldland Police Department Officer Lee Harvey Big Mac was responsible for the death of Douglas McCheese. He was inside of McDonald's corporate headquarters, on the 6th floor. The police found a sniper's nest there. As soon as word broke out that Officer Big Mac was the suspect, he was on the loose. A fellow police officer called him over, and without hesitation Big Mac shot him in the stomach three times. Then, as the cop laid on the concrete in pain, he double tapped him, shooting him in his skull, not unlike what he did to McCheese hours earlier. He was finally caught in a movie theater, and arrested by the MLPD. Days later, while being escorted out of a courthouse by the police, local night club owner Jack in The Box fatally shot Big Mac in his stomach, killing him instantly.

Conspiracies Edit

Magic French Fry Theory Edit

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