Lee Harvey Big Mac was a police officer for the MLPD, and most notably the assassin of Mayor McCheese. Officer Big Mac did not live a long life, as he was shot and killed days after he assassinated McCheese. The man who killed him was none other than local night club owner Jack-In-The-Box.

Early Life Edit

Lee Harvey Big Mac was born on July 10th, 1939 to Chadrick and Louann Big Mac. Chadrick Big Mac was a very large arms dealer and had grown a tight friendship and business with Mayor McCheese. During one of these arms deals, Chadrick had walked into the middle of an gang fight and was shot 17 times in the back. This left him completely paralyzed and bed bound. The hospital bills were too expensive for the windowed Louann to pay for and she had to pull the plug on Chadricks life February 12, 1946. A young Lee blamed Mayor McCheese for his fathers untimely death and started a life long hatred towards him. To make matters worse, Louann Big Mac then started to date and then eventually marry Mayor McCheese shortly after Chadricks death. Mayor McCheese had been very physically abusive towards Lee and would often come home drunk and with another woman. The only thing keeping Harvey from attacking was Mayor McCheeses own son, Jack-In-The-Box. Harvey and Jack had formed a strong relationship because of their shared trauma that stemmed from Mayor McCheese. Jack was a decade older than Lee so once he turned 20, Jack was able to get an apartment for Lee and him. A few years later, Mayor McCheese divorced Louann Big Mac and started his career in government. A heart broken Louann was found dead in her home on Feburary 12th, 1952, exactly 6 years after Chadricks passing. A grief filled Harvey at the age of thirteen started getting into hard drugs and prostitution with his "brother" Jack. Their business was thriving, they always had money, always had drugs, and always had a different women in there bed when they woke up in the morning: They were at there prime. This cycle would continue for the next seven years until one of their associates told Harvey that Jackie was taking money from there savings and was planning to start a business without him. Harvey was blinded with rage and while driving home to confront Jackie, Harvey was in a head on collision with a semi-truck. He was pronounced dead 9:34 P.M. October 23, 1959.

The Rebirth of Lee Harvey Big Mac Edit

Lee Harvey Big Mac died October 23, 1959 as was summoned back to life by his former business partner Jack-In-The-Box and Jacks current wife Birdie the Early Bird January 22, 1960 in McDonaldland. Jackie and Birdie had fled the scene before Harvey had fully risen up from the ground. Lee Harvey was reborn with one mission and one mission only: To assassinate Mayor McCheese. Harvey had joined the police force so that he could get access to weaponry, training, and to get closer to the Mayor himself. To make sure that Mayor McCheese couldn't recognize him, Lee Harvey had replaced the burgers, dressing, lettuce, cheese, pickles, and onions that formed his mouth with hard iron bars he had stolen from," The Scrap General". His new appearance was mangled and grotesque, there are no current images of the horror that he had become. To get even closer to the Mayor, Harvey had taken up a part time job

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